Columbus Set Sail on this day in 1492

August 3

Columbus set sail from Spain on this day in history in search of a direct western route to Asia.  Between what he did and did not accomplish, Christopher Columbus’ exploration is the stuff from which legends are made.

[showbookcover isbn=”9780590444149″ table=”columbushistory” display=”justimage” align=”left” width=”100″ action=”bookview”]Although Columbus Day is in October (see my post) for when he landed in the Bahamas, there are many ways in which to study Columbus’ voyage to the Americas.  I love this statement about not “realizing the great scope of what he did achieve.”  I think when we look back and attempt to identify what we accomplished, maybe our legacy is not what we realize.


During his lifetime, Columbus led a total of four expeditions to the New World, discovering various Caribbean islands, the Gulf of Mexico, and the South and Central American mainland, but never accomplished his original goal—a western ocean route to the great cities of Asia. Columbus died in Spain in 1506 without realizing the great scope of what he did achieve: He had discovered for Europe the New World, whose riches over the next century would help make Spain the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.  ~  Read more from the History Channel

Activities, curriculum and books, oh my!

A quick search on Amazon or B&N will provide a variety of sources for discovering the Explorers, and especially Christopher Columbus.

If you are looking for something fun for today, for ages 5-13, I recommend A Journey Through Learning’s Christopher Columbus Express (lapbook), which can be downloaded from CurrClick.  A general search on CurrClick will produce a variety of downloadables and original text books, like Christopher Columbus’ Journal from Brandenburg Studies (FREE).

Many of these books should be available at your local library.  You can do a search from home on to see if those books are located near you.

Recommended Historical Fiction

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Recommended History

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