Homeschooling for High School: Preparing

“What do you recommend?” is a question I get all the time. And my standard response will always be, “It depends on your family lifestyle, learning styles of your students, and your homeschool goals.” As per my Full Disclosure, the following is based on my own personal experiences and will not always produce the same results. I highly recommend you seek your local support group as well to assist you.

High School planning should begin about the 7th or 8th grade.  As requirements for graduation are varied for each state, and college admissions are as varied as the colleges themselves, research and planning should begin early.

When your student is in the 7th or 8th grade, you will want to make decisions regarding whether your student will be going to Dual Credit classes, what classes you want to complete before graduation, and look at the pre-requisites and requirements for accomplishing your High School goals.

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A great place to start is high school seminars through your local homeschool groups in your area.  To find one, begin with your State Homeschool Support Association.  Generally, they will have a list of homeschool groups by area.  I highly recommend joining your state organization, as they are one line in defending your home school rights.  Home School Legal Defense Association is the first line of defense, and you can learn about them at

Our local homeschool group, Christian Educators Resource Center, provides a Homeschooling? How? Seminar, followed by a Homeschool High School DNA workshop.  We offer these free at our facility, and sometimes through the local library.

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Homeschool Bookfairs are a great place to gather tons of information on homeschooling, dual credit, SAT/PSAT test taking, and many other topics.  Although they only come around once a year, the homeschool bookfair can help you decide which planning products will help you get organized for high school homeschool.

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My favorite thing in the whole world is a Planner.  Something to keep my crazy, chaotic world organized.  Planning and organizing for homeschooling a high school student, as well as preparing for college, requires tools.  I have two (2) favorites right now, Jean and Judah Burk’s Home School Prep Genius (College Prep Genius); and Glenda Durano’s The Christian’s Guide to College Admissions (Junior and Senior Editions).  Each of them provide guidance and steps for preparing for College.

A good planner will not only help you keep ahead of all that needs to be done, but will also provide a place to keep your high school records.  A simple search for “home school high school transcript” will provide you with many different links to tools for creating report cards, high school transcripts, and high school resumes.

  • has been one of my favorite sites for documents.
  • has a variety of downloadable documents and planning tools.
  • has transcript templates, as a variety of other homeschool documents.



  • Shop Local! – As a bookstore manager myself, I highly recommend shopping your local homeschool resource store.  They work really hard to be there for their homeschool families year round!  They can help you find the best curriculum for each of your children.   If you have trouble finding one in your area, let me know!
  • Shop the publishers directly!  These publishers put much energy into creating great homeschool resources,  so I recommend shopping their web-sites:
  • For the out-of-print, and hard to find pieces, I’m including Amazon pictures and linksBy clicking links into Amazon Marketplace, I do earn a small commission based on your purchase.  It doesn’t change the listed price, it just supports my glorious book addiction.

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