5 thoughts on “Home Education Resource Sellers Survey

  1. The biggest obstacle for small business like myself is the high minimums like through Saxon adn Apologia. BJUP is flaky whether I can order or not…they keep changing their minds. STL closing was a huge hit to my business.

    1. I have been running a small homeschool bookstore for 11 years (in one location). STL closing was a big hit for us as well. I have been debating starting this business for a year. Although I’m behind in the season, I’m committed to doing this. I believe by focusing on the homeschool titles, I can provide some value. I really want it to be a community. I’m already up and running with BJU, and working on Apologia. Notgrass will be up very soon as well.

  2. you may call
    Me at 270-577-0784. I would probably only use you where I cannot get the curriculum or you provide it cheaper.
    Also think of free freightvwjen so many items are purchased too.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I will add you to my email list, and I welcome any additional comments as we go forward!

    2. Pamela, did you complete our Survey? I am still interested in what the homeschoolers in your area are using. It will help me to focus on the initial product orders, so that I’m using my resources wisely. Our purpose is to focus on the home education market and hopefully provide a value-added service. We look forward to working with you!

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