What do you like to read for business?

During the busy season, do you find time to read?  And if so, what do you read?  With this new venture, I’m making time to read a variety of business books.  I’ve read a few over the years.  Some I have read, and some I have skimmed.  From May through September, finding time to read is difficult.  If I have the time, I’m too exhausted to read a business tome (even when they are short!)

I love this picture, so I left it on the post. I love to read in a open, quiet place.

Currently, I’m reading Business Boutique by Christy Wright.  Having attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership One-Day, I thoroughly enjoyed Christy Wright’s presentation, so I purchased the book at the conference.  It has encouraged and guided me in such a way that previous reading has not.

Whether you have a new business or have been running a business like I have for 13 or more years, Christy Wright encourages you to evaluate your “why”s, strengths, and values, as these are the foundational pieces to your business.  Many of the quotes I’ve published on the site come from her book, or books she has recommended.


Thanks for reading!


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